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Think tank founder spied for China

Drs. Klaus Lange and Klara Knapp, alleged spies for China, from a photo published by

According to the AP, in July, German authorities arrested the head of a think tank, Dr. Klaus L., on espionage charges. They allege that he passed secrets gained through his high-level political contacts, to a Chinese intelligence service, in exchange for money. His wife, Klara K., was also arrested, according to a later AP article.

This arrangement allegedly began in 2010, when they were recruited during a lecture trip to Shanghai.

Dr. Klaus may have been a double-agent, according to the SCPM, working for German intelligence for many years prior to recruitment by the Chinese.

Update: The Times (UK) identified the accused spy as Dr. Klaus Lange, founder of the Institute for Transnational Studies (ITS), a consultancy based in Landshut, Bavaria. His wife appears to be Dr. Klara Knapp, also of ITS.